Idris Elba on award show wood, 'Black' Bond and potential 'Luther' film

There are few actors as well rounded as British film and television star Idris Elba, who spoke at length about his work in an interview with ITV's Lorraine.

The critically well received BBC America series "Luther" features Elba in action with his red headed nemesis/fixation, Alice Morgan (Ruth Wilson) who together have created one of the hottest "couples" of sorts on TV.

Here's an example of their work:

Elba, who tweeted a photo of himself with a funny bit about his "excitement" for award season, has revealed that a Luther movie is "definitely on the cards". He says that he and creator Neil Cross are currently talking about the project.

Speaking to Kate Garraway on ITV's Lorraine, he said: "That is definitely on the cards, we've been really lucky that Luther is [so popular]… it's a small show, we did four episodes and we got such a massive following worldwide, so Neil Cross [creator of Luther] and I are aiming to do the film. 

"I'm speaking to him as we speak… and we're trying to pull it together. It's an ambitious project because it's a television show but we suspect that it's going to be as successful on TV and on film as well," he added.

Luther's third series finale nded with John heading off with our favorite psycho genius, Alice.

"I don't think Alice and Luther's story is over," Cross said. "Which by definition means I can't even give you so much as a hint [of what happens next] - even a hint would spoil it."

The British actor also talked about the Bond chatter, with him as top choice to portray Bond in a future film.

“It’s a rumor that’s gotten out of control, basically — but that’s all it is,” Elba said on ITV’s Lorraine. “There’s no truth in it whatsoever.”

“We don’t say ‘white Bond,’ we just say ‘Bond.’ So it suddenly becomes a black man and he’s a ‘black Bond.’ So I hate that phrase,” he added.


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