Josh Hutcherson talks about his 'mostly straight' feelings

Josh Hutcherson's new interview with OUT Magazine is full of honest answers about his own sexuality, which by his accounts are pretty fluid between homosexual and heterosexual feelings.

"I would probably list myself as mostly straight," he says. "Maybe I could say right now I’m 100% straight. But who knows? In a f*cking year, I could meet a guy and be like, 'Whoa, I’m attracted to this person.'"

The Kentucky native is dating Claudia Traisac, the 20-year-old admits "I’ve met guys all the time that I’m like, 'Damn, that’s a good-looking guy,' you know?"

"I’ve never been, like, 'Oh, I want to kiss that guy.' I really love women," he adds. "But I think defining yourself as 100% anything is kind of near-sighted and close-minded."

On a "Hunger Games" threesome for Peeta, Katniss & Gale:

"I know Peeta would be into it, for sure. He's very sensitive, in touch with his emotions. I think it really might solve a lot of their problems. Let’s make it a—what’s it called when three people are in a relationship together? A triad? That’ll go over well with Middle America."

On nude photos he allegedly shared online:

"I find it so shocking still that nakedness is so shocking."

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