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Taylor Swift's sea wall woes in Rhode Island

By April Neale Jan 1, 2014, 2:14 GMT

Taylor Swift's sea wall woes in Rhode Island

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift has angered native Rhode Islanders in her town by erecting a sea wall.

The singer bought an $18 million vacation home this summer and the local residents are reportedly furious.

The town of Watch Hill, Rhode Island has not formally approved of the massive construction.

The main complaint is that her new wall now restricts access to a public beach and interferes with fishermen and surfers who have been using the stretch of sand for generations.

‘I don’t know how the hell they let her do this without approval or nothing,’ a furious Richard Bishop, 76, told MailOnline as he climbed atop the wall to survey the development.

The seawall has been a popular spot for teenagers to hangout for longer than he’s been alive. It’s also become a makeshift memorial of sorts of for his friend Trevor Johnson, who drowned there in 2004. I can't believe it: Richard Bishop expresses his disbelief at the huge construction work going on behind him at Taylor Swift's Rhode Island home

Other residents say that the new construction on the seawall is an eyesore. It is the only structure jutting out in a long stretch of idyllic New England beach. A publicist for Swift did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


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