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Toby Keith not playing with gun lovers, restaurant ban on firearms

By April Neale Dec 30, 2013, 2:25 GMT

Toby Keith not playing with gun lovers, restaurant ban on firearms

Toby Keith - 2012 CMT Music Awards - Arrivals - Bridgestone Arena - Nashville, TN, USA Andrew Evans / PR Photos

Imagine you go into a restaurant to sit and relax when someone comes in, not law enforcement, and is packing heat.

You might think, are these people sane? Are they having a good day? What possessed this person to walk around with such an overt symbol of self defense? Will it go off by accident? What are they afraid of that a gun must be displayed?

Or, are you down with people packing guns on their belts in public?

Toby Keith is by all accounts a conservative country star, but even he draws the line at his restaurant with a gun ban. This fact has upset firearm fans in Virginia.

The establishment in Woodbridge has a "No Guns Permitted" sign at the front door, which has apparently miffed some of the country star's fans in a state where it is legal to walk into a bar or restaurant with a visible sidearm.

Station WTOP, WashingtonDC, said Sunday that social media postings expressed disappointment with the policy, which is also legal under state law. One patron said on Facebook a "no guns" policy could signal robbers that the place was a tempting target. "Anyone leaving your establishment is likely completely defenseless and easy pickins for a robbery," the post said.

Patrons, however, told WTTG they felt more comfortable with guns being kept out of a place that serves alcohol. The station noted there was a 20-minute wait for tables on Saturday.


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