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Kardashian fatigue: No longer selling krap like they use to

By April Neale Dec 22, 2013, 9:21 GMT

Kardashian fatigue: No longer selling krap like they use to

Kim Kardashian - Los Angeles, CA, USA PR Photos/

Kardashian fatigue set in LONG ago here at Monsters and Critics.

But it appears the rest of the world is catching up with us.

Page Six and Richard Johnson report that Kardashian ennui is hitting the magazines along with sinking TV ratings. Bruce Jenner is contemplating shaving off his Adam's Apple, Kim went blonde-ish, Khloe is a free agent and Kris Jenner is allegedly canoodling with a former Bachelor star.

“It’s over. The fatigue factor has really set in,” one magazine publisher told Page Six. “None of the Kardashians, either alone or together, is selling.”

Sources tell Page Six Jann Wenner "paid $110,000 for a heavily retouched photo of Kim Kardashian in a white bikini, for the latest red herring issue of Us Weekly under the headline, “My Body Is Back.”

Page Six reports the numbers are down signifiantly for the tabloids with any Kardashian tripe on the cover.

E!’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” ninth season premieres Sunday, Jan. 19.

Julia Roberts, according to Page Six, shared her thoughts (via In Touch). “I love ‘Project Runway.’ I’ve also seen ‘[Real] Housewives’ a little bit!” How about the Kardashians? She said, “They’re still on TV . . . aren’t they?”


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