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Ashley Judd and Wynonna's bizarre spying incident

By April Neale Dec 18, 2013, 3:02 GMT

Ashley Judd and Wynonna's bizarre spying incident

Ashley Judd - "Olympus Has Fallen" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals - ArcLight Cinemas - Hollywood, CA, USA Carla Van Wagoner / PR Photos

Ashley Judd accuses sister Wynonna Judd of spying.

Really, you weren't expecting that on a day where baby North's eyebrow-gate was dominating the BS news. But here we are, Christmas is nigh, and the Judds are acting up.

Judd has accused older sister Wynonna of spying on her, after finding a GPS tracking device on her car.

According to ABC News in the US, a tracking device was reportedly found in Ashley Judd's car and the actress believes her elder sister had it put there.

A police report, reportedly filed last month in Tennessee where the Judd sisters reside, said a mechanic found a wireless GPS in a car belonging to the younger Judd.

“(Ashley Judd) believed Wynonna Judd placed the device on the vehicle,” a police report stated. “Or (she) had someone else place the device on her vehicle.”

The police investigation found the tracking device led to a private investigator reportedly “working for Wynonna Judd”.

He allegedly gave the GPS to the 49-year-old singer and she gave it to her ex-husband, Arch Kelley, who supposedly “placed the device on the car”.

Kelley denied all involvement in the siblings’ reported “ongoing custody dispute” with one another.

Although Tennessee police now classify the case as “inactive”, both parties have refused to divulge more details.

Things are not so peachy in Judd-ville. In 2011, Ashley Judd released her memoir All That is Bitter and Sweet where she opened up about being the victim of sexual abuse.

She seemingly regretted the memoir. “We've learned that it's really best not to dissemble our relationships in public,” she said in an interview.

“We do to a certain extent but the details are really none of anyone's business.”


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