Baby Brow Drama: North West's eyebrows under scrutiny

Baby North West may have had some eyebrow grooming in today's lamest celebrity news item.

Kim Kardashian denies waxing North West’s eyebrows after backlash erupted over Instagram photo. The social media post of her daughter on Monday raised questions among users that the 6-month-old's brows were altered based on past photos of the child online.

In all fairness, the befores (the baby is 6 months old) do show a more unibrow look than the new photo, which looks very groomed.


Kim Kardashian's posted photo met with some hard remarks:

"Eyebrows done already?" one Instagram user wrote.

“I've never seen a baby with arched even eyebrows. Her unibrow was cute, why get rid of it?" another concerned fan commented.

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