Jaclyn Smith speaks up for Ryan O'Neal in Farrah art dispute (VIDEO)

Farrah Fawcett and Ryan O'Neal were Hollywood's "it" couple, together they had a son, but they never married. Farrah, who was 62 when she died of cancer in 2009, left all her artwork to the University of Texas, where she studied before making it. O'Neal is fighting the acquisition of one of two famous Warhol portraits of her.

The composition of Farrah is taking Ryan to court in a battle with her alma mater, University of Texas, over who gets to call it theirs. O'Neal even had one of the original "Charlie's Angels" - Jaclyn Smith. - testify today that the painting was his.

CNN reports that Warhol painted two portraits of Fawcett in 1980, after her breakout role on the TV hit series "Charlie's Angels" made her America's "It Girl." Both Warhols of Fawcett are 40-inch by 40-inch silkscreens of enlarged Polaroid photographs on canvas. They are similar and show Fawcett in three-quarter profile, with her eyes painted a vibrant greenish blue and her lips a shiny red.

The university, which already has one of the portraits, is suing O'Neal for the other. He is countersuing for a tablecloth covered with hearts and signed by Warhol.

CNN reports that the disputed portrait hangs over O'Neal's bed in his Malibu beach house. He removed it from Fawcett's Los Angeles condo a few days after she died, with permission from her estate's trustee.

David Beck, a lawyer for the university, alleged that O'Neal helped himself to the Warhol after learning she left him nothing.

O'Neal's lawyer, Marty Singer, countered that the university was being greedy. He told jurors that Fawcett's original artwork still sits unseen in storage "in some basement catacomb."

Son Redmond O'Neal testified about seeing both portraits in his parents' homes over the years, but he was not permitted to tell jurors what it meant to him and his father.

"This portrait is a family heirloom," Redmond O'Neal said. "It has no money value to me. It's sentimental. It's to stay in the family. It's a beautiful remembrance of my mom, and it belongs where it is."

CNN reports that Fawcett set up a living trust before her death, leaving all her artwork to University of Texas. She left more than $4 million to the couple's son, Redmond, but nothing to O'Neal, according to testimony.

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