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Ray Price has died, country legend will be missed (VIDEOS)

By April Neale Dec 17, 2013, 9:07 GMT

Ray Price has died, country legend will be missed (VIDEOS)

RIP Ray Price

Country legend Ray Price is dead. He was 87.

After false reports circulated yesterday, Country Music Hall of Fame member Ray Price died today (Monday, Dec. 16) at home in Mt. Pleasant, Texas

Janie Price, Ray Price's wife of 45 years spoke to Rolling Stone magazine: "He is still with us," she says, adding that Price's son released the statement of his passing prematurely. Price is surrounded by loved ones including a Pastor right now at home in Mt. Pleasant, Texas. "It's been an honor to walk this road with him," she says of her husband. "It's a sad day. We are losing a great man."

A son of Peach, Texas, Ray Price revolutionized the genre with Number One hits like "Crazy Arms" and "City Lights," and was considered a pillar in country music.

"I just like what I've done and how it's worked out, and it's been great," Price told Rolling Stone earlier this month, in his final interview. "I haven't lost my voice, thank God for that."

Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard toured with Price on their Last of the Breed tour in 2007, they were blown away according to Rolling Stone. "I told Willie when it was over, 'That old man gave us a goddamn singing lesson,'" Haggard told RS recently. "He really did. He just sang so good. He sat there with the mic against his chest. And me and Willie are all over the microphone trying to find it, and he found it."

Price took his own approach to delivering a song. "For me, a song should be like a good book – it has to be read right, and they don't seem to do that anymore," he told Rolling Stone in a 2000 feature story. "There's no effort anymore to do anything different. It's all follow the leader."


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