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People we watch: W. Kamau Bell at San Fran Punch Line Dec. 17-20

By April Neale Dec 17, 2013, 3:44 GMT

People we watch: W. Kamau Bell at San Fran Punch Line Dec. 17-20

FXX star W. Kamau Bell - FX Summer Comedies Party - Arrivals - Lure - Hollywood, CA, USA Izumi Hasegawa / PR Photos

Keeping up with W. Kamau Bell of FX's Totally Biased?

We miss him on telly too, here's what he's up to:

Well the dang TV Grinch came and sacked one of our favorite TV series of the last year. Bell’s comedy on race, gender and culture was the elusive combination of smart and funny.

Cheer up! W. Kamau Bell is booked at the San Francisco Punch Line Dec. 17-20...

Go to the city by the Bay as Kamau tells it like it is, as he tells his fans via an email:

"Well if you’re me, you jump on a plane back to San Francisco get some love by doing some stand-up comedy at your home club, The Punch Line. I’m doing five shows there this week December 17-20.

The first two are already sold out but there are three left with tickets. Thursday, December 19, 8pm: GET TICKETS Friday, December 20, 8pm: GET TICKETS Friday, December 20, 10pm: GET TICKETS ...Thursday is cheaper than Friday, so grab those quick.

And if you want to avoid the bulk of the annoying ticketing fees, then call the club directly 415 397 7573. And for all of you who aren’t in the Bay Area, I am currently planning to do a pretty big stand-up comedy tour next year. Stay tuned."



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