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Rashida Jones tired of slutty pop stars

By April Neale Dec 10, 2013, 20:55 GMT

Rashida Jones tired of slutty pop stars

Rashida Jones - keeping it real on slutty pop stars, here at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino - Las Vegas, NV, USA Justin Paludipan / PR Photos

Rashida Jones nailed it on the head by pointing out the rampant slutification of female pop stars who are licking, twerking, nearly naked and humping everything on stage.

The "Parks and Recreation" star took to Twitter and Glamour magazine to rant about the "Pornification" of Pop Culture, and the usual suspects: Miley, Nicki, Rihanna and more came to mind.

Jones addressed her October 2013 Twitter rant in which she hash tagged the phrase "stop acting like whores" in reference to recent pop culture events (i.e. Miley Cyrus' 2013 VMA performance). In a new essay for Glamour Magazine, she clarifies her point.

"I'm not gonna lie. The fact that I was accused of 'slut-shaming,' being anti-woman, and judging women's sex lives crushed me," Jones, 37, wrote. "I consider myself a feminist. I would never point a finger at a woman for her actual sexual behavior, and I think all women have the right to express their desires. But I will look at women with influence—millionaire women who use their 'sexiness' to make money—and ask some questions. There is a difference, a key one, between 'shaming' and 'holding someone accountable.'"

"I don't know when the pornification of pop stars became so extreme, but as Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' video played in the background—naked fantasy women bouncing around and licking things—I realized that the lines were not really blurry at all," Jones said critics would be wrong to call her conservative.

"Let me say up front: I am not a prude. I love sex; I am comfortable with my sexuality. Hell, I've even posed in my underwear," she wrote. "I also grew up on a healthy balance of sexuality in pop stars. Twenty years later, all the images seem homogenous. Every star interprets 'sexy' the same way: lots of skin, lots of licking of teeth, lots of bending over. I find this oddly...boring. Can't I just like a song without having to take an ultrasound tour of some pop star's privates?"

Rashida is hoping 2014 will be a year of less objectified females. "But I'm an optimistic woman. So as we say goodbye to 2013 and wish for a slightly more clothed, more original 2014."


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