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Maria Menounos' Healthy Holiday Table

By April Neale Dec 9, 2013, 8:59 GMT

Maria Menounos' Healthy Holiday Table

Maria Menounos - Beverly Hills, CA, USA Janice Ogata /

Maria Menounos' healthy recipes tips for this holiday season are here!

They were created by best-selling author and host of EXTRA, Maria Menounos and inspired by delicious cranberries from her home state of Massachusetts.

Check out this new video in which Maria Menounos discusses how the cranberry’s big, bold taste, vibrant color, and endless versatility make it the perfect addition to several holiday favorites.

Maria shares her favorite holiday delights while standing in 2,000 pounds of fresh, floating cranberries outside the 2013 Big Apple Bog. From there, she suggests trying a refreshing Cranberry-Lime Spritzer or a 5-0 Cosmo to quench your thirst for a special holiday occasion.

Or a shrimp ceviche recipe that includes Craisins® Dried Cranberries for a fruity twist, or the Cranberry Bruschetta for something a little more hearty.

For more recipe tips, you may find Maria Menounos favorite seasonal dishes with a healthy twist here.


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