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Director Zhang Yimou has defied China's one-child rule

By April Neale Dec 2, 2013, 19:07 GMT

Director Zhang Yimou has defied China's one-child rule

Zhang Yimou has more than one child... Picture copyright by Pixplanete / PR Photos.

Director Zhang Yimou has defied China's one-child rule and is waging a PR battle online to mitigate the fallout.

The director's office has issued an open letter saying he has three children with his wife after rumors that he had fathered seven children with several women according to Chinese media

Zhang's office issued an open letter on its verified account on Twitter-style social media site Sina Weibo saying the director and his wife, Chen Ting, have two sons and a daughter, in breach of China's strict family planning rules. The letter posted on the social media site marked the first time that the director of The Flowers of War, starring Christian Bale, had seven children. He denies the out of wedlock children.

The letter said that Zhang and his wife "sincerely apologize to the public for the harmful social effect caused." It added: "He would like to accept the investigation of the Wuxi family planning bureau and will fully cooperate with government departments and accept the punishment according to national regulations."

China's one-child policy strictlylimits urban couples to one child and allow up to two children for rural families if their firstborn is a girl.

The government introduced the policy in 1979 as a temporary measure to manage their massive population.

Zhang, who directed Red Sorghum, A Simple Noodle Story and Hero, also turned out stunning choreography for the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics opening ceremony.


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