Fitness Guru Richard Simmons: Obamas 'Rejected Me Totally'

Richard Simmons is Ameria's senior fitness expert, the leotard clad personality has graced TV and persoal appearances for years. Now it seems he is on the outs with the White House.

Fitness Guru Richard Simmons tells the Huffington Post: Obamas 'Rejected Me Totally'

Simmons said that he wanted to contribute to First Lady Michelle Obama's Let's Move! campaign, but that the Obamas "rejected" him.

"I love Michelle Obama," Simmons said in an interview on HuffPost Live. "I wanted to meet them, both of them. They have rejected me totally."

"I'm just not their set of sheets," said Simmons when asked why he thinks the Obamas haven't been more friendly to him.

When asked if it was his flamboyance that put off the Obamas, "Well that's an ugly question," said Simmons. "I'm not extremely a political person, and I do think the president and Lady Obama are doing a good job, but I think I can help," he added.

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