Joel McHale knows what time it is

Joel McHale is a men's fashion and style fan who still manages to juggle his NBC Community commitments with tapings of The Soup, which recently reached a 500-episode milestone -- as well as its Daily Show-inspired spinoff The Soup Investigates.

He even did the premiere episode for Esquire's The Getaway where he shopped for nice duds in Dublin.

And he somehow finds time to have a movie career, to wit, he played Mila Kunis' boss in the 2012 blockbuster Ted with a role as a former Army Ranger in Beware the Night and a part as Robin Williams' son in the upcoming holiday comedy Merry Friggin' Christmas.

The Hollywood Reporter had an intervie with McHale for their second annual Watch Supplement where he talks about live long love of watches, The Soup, and Community.


McHale Remembers When No One Watched The Soup

“It was a blessing because it allowed us to do all sorts of stuff that nobody saw. The mentality was,‘let’s just entertain ourselves.’ ”

For One Who Loves Watches, Joel Admits "I'm Always Late"

“I’m always 10 to 15 minutes late,” he admits, admiring the hand- some Sixties Square chronograph by Glashutte adorning his wrist. “there’s really no excuse.”

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