Mary Murphy's Italian Comfort Food Diet (VIDEO)

"So You Think You Can Dance" star Mary Murphy is down 16 pounds in 3.5 weeks eating pizza, bread sticks and chocolate mouse thanks to a brilliant new diet that has hit the U.S. shores.

Tisanoreica, aka The Italian Comfort Food Diet, is why Murphy has shed excess weight that crept up on her. Last week she told Good Day LA her weight had climbed to 172 pounds and the tall leggy choreographer knew she had to do something.

That same week, Murphy told Inside Edition, "I've been on the diet 22 days and I've lost 16 pounds!"

Their cameras found Murphy eating at Il Fico restaurant in West Los Angeles where their chef has incorporated the foods made by Italian nutritionist Gianluca Mech into their special menu for her.

Murphy, who is a paid spokesman for the diet company, says she is glad she's finally shedding the pounds. "There's nothing sexier to me as a woman then when I feel like I'm sexy, and slim and dancing," said Murphy.


Tisanoreica  ( is an established Italian company that is very successful in Europe.  It is fondly referred to as the Italian Comfort Diet…..and after the initial 40 days first phase (in which the dieter can eat, in limited amounts, the Tisanoreica herb infused pasta and rice). The diet changes of the program allows a cornucopia of delicious Italian delicacies that are mouth watering, stymie appetites and enhance good health while continuing weight loss.

Tisanoreica formulae of herbal extracts and tonics (Decotoppia) have been a Mech family secret for over five centuries passed down from father to son.  In Italy they say…”I’m not on a diet, I’m on Tisanoreica.” 

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