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Jon Voight philosophical on life, kids and mistakes made

By April Neale Jul 10, 2013, 21:09 GMT

Jon Voight philosophical on life, kids and mistakes made

Jon Voight - Killing it in Showtime\'s Ray Donovan. Beverly Hills, CA, USA © Samuel Mora /

Esquire has interviewed Showtime’s "Ray Donovan" star Jon Voight. If you haven't seen it, "Ray Donovan" I one of the best dramas on TV right now.

Voight steals the show as Mickey, Ray's dad just sprung from Walpole prison.  The series pits the two patriarchs against each other as their bad blood history is slowly revealed.

In Esquire’s monthly Q & A “What I’ve Learned,” Voight shares his thoughts on parenthood (to his son and Angie), work ethic, poetry, and sex scenes:

He says:

“A lot of paraplegics have come up to me to thank me for the sex scene in Coming Home.  The film came down to that moment. It defined the film, so we couldn’t cheat from it.”

"One thing that's great about seeing your kids is you see things that you admired in your parents. Everyone's unique, no one's ever alike. But my son has the same good cheer as my father. He's capable of making a room happy with a few words. And if Angie sets out to do something, she rolls up her sleeves, rubs her hands together, and does it, and she gets it done today. A little bit like my mom. Maybe that's why in Judaism you put the grandfather's name on the child."

“I made a lot of mistakes as a young father.  I made a lot of mistakes as a young man. I paid dearly, and my children paid dearly.”



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