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Beauty and intelligence: Meryl Streep: 60 the new 40

By April MacIntyre Dec 12, 2011, 23:40 GMT

Beauty and intelligence: Meryl Streep: 60 the new 40

11/14/2011 - Meryl Streep - "The Iron Lady" UK Photocall - River Thames - London, UK © Landmark / PR Photos

American actress Meryl Streep was once the girlfriend of gifted actor John Cazale in their early days in the craft.

Their time together were remembered in the poignant HBO documentary, "I Knew it Was You," about Cazale's incredible but brief body of films. Streep was a big part in his life.


Her chameleon talent has dazzled us in so many Oscar worthy performances, and continues as she takes on the iconic British prime minister Margaret Thatcher in her latest screen incarnation.


Vogue sat down with the 60+ actress who is a stunner still, gracing their cover.

Streep is East coast centric, living in New York City and in Connecticut, and is all about organic farming and even is a shareholder in the Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) organization,

She also fundraises for the National Womenís History Museum.


In the new film, Streep plays Thatcher from 49, when she became the first woman in English history to lead the Conservatives (or any other major political party). Four years later, she became Britainís first woman prime minister.

Streep tells Vogue, ďWith any character I play, where she is me is where I meet her. Itís very easy to set people at armís length and judge them. Yes, you can judge the policies and the actions and the shortcomingsóbut to live inside that body is another thing entirely. And itís humbling on a certain level and infuriating, just like it is to live in your own body. Because you recognize your own failings, and I have no doubt that she recognized hers.Ē

Streep's body of work includes Julie and Julia, The French Lieutenantís Woman, Sophieís Choice, Silkwood, Out of Africa, A Cry in the Dark, The Bridges of Madison County, The Devil Wears Prada, Mamma Mia!, Itís Complicated.

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