'Controlling Chaos' book to detail handling problematic Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton's former manager is writing a tell-all book about her.

Jason Moore has reportedly approached a number of publishers about the tome, which claims to be a business book about the steps he took to make Paris famous.

The New York Daily News newspaper claims Jason's pitch letter states: "Jason will demonstrate how, for 10 years, he managed to save his mercurial client from disgrace by manipulating the media, and Paris herself.

"Paris was oftentimes her own worst enemy, making a sex tape with a former boyfriend, nursing hangovers during photo shoots, falling asleep everywhere, and getting thrown in jail for numerous driving violations. If Paris Hilton didn't have Jason Moore pulling the strings, cleaning up her messes she could well have faded into oblivion."

Jason - who parted ways with Paris last year - alleges he did not sign a confidentiality agreement while working for the 28-year-old hotel heiress.

His book is called 'Controlling Chaos' and in it he claims Paris did all she could to ensure she became famous.

He says: "She spent hours at a time posing in front of the mirror, nailing down the ideal position to create the perfect paparazzi photo.

"She wanted to become the kind of character that would land commercials, international endorsements, film and TV roles."

Neither Paris nor James, or his Literary Group agent Frank Weimann, have commented.

Meanwhile, Paris has reunited with her ex-boyfriend Doug Reinhardt.

The pair split in June but Doug is said to have done everything in his power to win Paris back.

A source told gossip website X17online: "He is madly in love with her, and he can't stand the thought of losing her. Even when she was in Dubai for a month, he proved his love to her by staying low key and not going out at all. Instead, he stayed at his parents' home in Laguna Beach working out every single day. He really wanted to look good for Paris and show her how serious he is about her. "He's been calling her constantly and sending her beautiful presents - he is treating her like a princess, and Paris loves the attention!"

The couple have not commented, but Doug has written about having a girlfriend on his Twitter page.

He put: "What an amazing weekend with my beautiful girlfriend. I love her so much!"

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