George Clooney's Hollywood DNC Convention distance

George Clooney has chosen his words carefully for the enthusiastic celebrity Barack Obama supporters that are attending the Democratic Party convention.

Spike Lee has been all over CNN today theorizing and commenting on the Clintons' inability to deal with losing, and other stars like Charlize Theron, Susan Sarandon, and Sarah Silverman among many stars have decided to join the big Democratic prom in Denver where Barack Obama is expected to accept the Democratic nomination tomorrow night.

Clooney spoke to the Telegraph (UK) during his press junket for "Burn After Reading", at the Venice Film Festival.

Clooney answered one question about his desire to join fellow Democrats at the Denver event: “I like watching conventions on television. I think the stars there should be the people who have been elected.”

He was cryptic in his words for for Obama, telling the Telegraph he was “optimistic” but also “worried” about what the future might hold.  No further explanation.

Brad Pitt, Clooney’s co-star, added that it was “a vital time” for US politics but kept his yap tightly shut and did not elaborate any further to the UK paper.

The Telegraph speculated that the fear of appearing too "Hollywood" is perhaps reining in the big stars' comments at this critical time, warding off potential ammunition for the GOP and McCain's camp to further the charges of Obama's overly hyped rock star image that is all gloss but little experience, in their opinion.

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