Metallica's multi-stop tour

Metallica don't all stay in the same country when they tour.

Each member of the four-piece band stays in a hotel in a different part of Europe during concerts, they have revealed, flying in to the venue shortly before their show is due to begin.

They are currently performing at several festivals over the summer and while guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Rob Trujillo are staying in Portugal, drummer Lars Ulrich is spending time in London, England, with his wife and daughter, and singer James Hetfield is based in the Czech Republic.

Explaining the unorthodox decision, Lars said: "It's what's called 'basing'.

"I usually go to London, Paris, Copenhagen or Milan. The last couple of days I've been in London."

James added: "Separate hotels. We always joked about that. Pretty soon it'll be four separate planes!

"We're not attached at the hip. It makes us happier this way."

The band also revealed they tour frequently in order to stop fighting.

James said: "We're always booking tours while we're recording.

"All the fights in the studio go away when you go onstage. All the world's problems go away."

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