Jaime Murray's Wonder Woman wish

Jaime Murray wants to star in the new 'Wonder Woman' movie.

The British actress - who is currently starring in US TV show 'Dexter' - previously had talks with movie bosses to take on the superhero role, and is hoping she still has a chance of donning the famous star-studded hotpants.

She said: "Yes I was in talks but because of the writer's strike it was put on hold. I wore a Wonder Woman outfit for a scene in 'Hustle' and that was great, so I am hoping I will come back. I'd love to spin around and wear that headband. Get me in spandex now!"

Despite recently moving to Los Angeles, Jaime has no intention of going under the knife to change her body.

She added: "I'm happy with who I am. The thing is, in Los Angeles, the weather is so good that you end up showing off more skin than you do in the UK. It's hard when you're in the public eye, but I wouldn't have plastic surgery. I think as an actor you should retain your individuality, so I don't think it's a good look."

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