Rick Moranis says no to 'Ghostbusters' video game

The original "Ghostbusters" movie cast are lending their voice talents to the eponymous upcoming video game, except Rick Moranis, who according to Das Gamer website, will not participate.

Das Gamer writes that Sierra Producer Ben Borth and Terminal Reality Development Director Brendan Goss confirmed Dan Akroyd, Bill Murray, Annie Potts and William Atherton, the cranky city inspector.

"He made so much money off of Honey I Shrunk The Kids that he retired. He just doesn't want to work anymore," said Borth to Das Gamer.

Moranis portrayed Sigourney Weaver's Manhattan neighbor who was a hopeless CPA nerd and then possessed Keymaster to Weaver's possessed Gatekeeper.

According to the gamers' preview, players will take on the fifth Ghostbuster role equipped with a proton pack, helping capture ghouls and spirits.  Link

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