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Coco and Ice-T share too much information

By M&C People Feb 16, 2008, 6:47 GMT

Coco and Ice-T share too much information

Rapper Ice-T and wife Coco EPA/JASON SZENES

Rapper and actor Ice-T is always on the Hollywood scene with his own personal Mae West, wife Coco.

Coco recently was interviewed by Playboy and had a lot of salacious details exposing the gangster rapper and buxom blonde's private life.

On what Ice prefers she wear:

"Since we're always with each other during the day, I'll be wearing my day clothes. But when we get home I'll change into some booty shorts and heels. I don't even have to do anything; I just want to change the vibe of how we're gettin' down."

On what Ice really likes her to wear:

"He loves heels -- it's gotta be some freak heels. I wear them in bed all the time. I actually keep a pair of shoes next to the bed, just in case I don't have them on and we start gettin' busy...I can throw them on. When I get a new pair of shoes I'm gonna have them right next to the bed, because that's the first place I'm gonna wear them. When he's laying in bed, I'll go into my closet and give him a fashion show. I'll show him four or five different outfits. It turns him on when I give him a fashion show. I'm not even dancing. Guys like the dance; he likes how I walk."

On what sexual position is most preferred by Ice:

"I love doggy style. But he gets to see more of it, so I like mirrors. We have a wall of mirrors facing the bed. He's always got a better view; so sometimes he'll take pictures for me, so I can see it from his view. We get aroused by that stuff. I'm not the kind of person who gets turned on by other people; he's the same way, too. We like watching ourselves."

On rumors that her derriere is surgically enhanced:

"[Laughs] People ask me that all the time. I got my boobs done when I was 18, so I've always said they were enhanced. But I feel like they're mine though; I've had them so long I don't even remember what they were like before. My butt of course is a hundred percent au naturel. We'll do tests; [Ice] will let women touch my butt, feel it, grab it, whatever they want to do, to prove that there's nothing in there. But no matter what I do people will always think that somehow it's fake. Thanks to my mom -- she has the same kind of body type; she has a small waist. And my dad is really muscular without even working out."

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