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Sheriff Baca under fire: Sharpton, Judge and public outrage

By Stone Martindale Jun 8, 2007, 21:34 GMT

Sheriff Baca under fire: Sharpton, Judge and public outrage

Lee Baca - Glenn Harris / Photorazzi

Paris Hilton's slow O.J. on the run media coverage of her progression back to the courthouse today is really now the backdrop to an even bigger story: The showdown between Sheriff Lee Baca and the Judge who sentenced Paris.  It isn't going to be pretty.

Even Al Sharpton is up in Baca's grill over the incident, where Baca is top of the Sheriff food chain and allowed the heiress to split early.



Hilton, who served less than four full days in jail on a 45-day sentence, was filmed by CNN and other media outlets accepting deliveries of gourmet cupcakes for herself and organic dog food for her pups.

Baca was being skewered by the press for letting her leave. His handling of Mel Gibson was also scrutinized by CNN as unfair special treatment for celebrities.

"She's better off serving the rest of her sentence at home," said Baca to Steve Lopez, a writer for the Los Angeles Times.



Baca told Lopez that "Hilton had a medical condition that 'wasn't getting any better in jail,' and he decided to reassign her to home confinement, with an electronic monitor."

It was Paris' claims she didn't feel well or couldn't handle the food that led to the press and Hilton haters baying for her blood.

Lopez muses that the system is a "joke" if a "judge can deliver a 45-day sentence that gets immediately knocked down to an anticipated 23 days with time off for good behavior, and the sheriff uses a formula that routinely knocks 90% off that for women, meaning that a 45-day sentence can easily become a 2.3-day sentence."

"I'm concerned about her health," Baca said to Lopez. "That's the only issue here. This has nothing to do with outside influences. It has nothing to do with celebrity."

Lopez, in his usual style quipped "that's big of him, but the jail is filled with people who have serious physical and mental problems. How many of them get sent home for cupcakes?"

When Hilton was sentenced in early May, a judge ruled she would not be allowed any work release, furloughs or use of an alternative jail or electronic monitoring instead of jail. reports that the Sheriff's Department says they are the only ones authorized to take her anywhere. "Thus, the standoff in court."

The progression to the court continues, as a handcuffed Hilton rides with the Sheriffs.

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