John Travolta in Hawaii for failed Narconon fundraiser

John Travolta and his family recently were spotted in Hawaii. Janet Charlton's Hollywood blog reports the reason that Travolta was visiting the Aloha state was for the church of Scientology's Narconon program and a potential fundraiser.

Narconon is a four part treatment that is taken in nine steps, which critics and Scientology watchdog groups claim there are major red flags.  Some have raised serious safety concerns, while othersclaim it is based on wholly unscientific theories and virtually all are very closely based on Scientology's religious doctrines, despite Narconon's supposed secular nature. 

Narconon and Scientology has planned a fundraising concert, according to Charlton, that was planned for May 24 at the Honolulu Design Center.

Scheduled was Lisa Marie Presley and some unnamed others, according to Janet. 

Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa Marie Presley

"It was a $2500 a ticket fundraiser for Narconon drug rehab. (Scientology was not mentioned in ads) and the church hoped at least a thousand Hawaiians would attend," she added.

A Hawaiian newspaper allegedly blew the whistle on the event and who, exactly, was involved, spurring Hawaiians to "stay away in droves." hawaiian-newspaper-source

Charlton writes: "The event was a total bust and when few tickets sold, they flew in Scientologists from the mainland and moved the concert to a restaurant. Lisa Marie avoided the whole debacle and flew to another island."

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