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Mel Gibson and the Mayans square off

By Stone Martindale Mar 23, 2007, 20:20 GMT

Mel Gibson and the Mayans square off claims Mel Gibson "exploded in anger" last night at CSUN college campus after an expert on Mayan culture accused him of stereotyping the Mayans as bloodthirsty savages in the movie "Apocalypto."

It happened last night in Cal State University at Northridge, California. Gibson was speaking to a film class about his movies, and several members of the Mayan community were in the audience.

After Gibson's spoke, the question and answer period began with Alicia Estrada, an Assistant Professor of Central American Studies at CSUN, who TMZ claims challenged Gibson, asking him if he had read about the Mayan culture before shooting the controversial film.

Gibson said that he had.

Estrada kept on, stating that representations in the movie that the Mayans engaged in sacrificial ceremonies and had bloodthirsty tendencies were both wrong and racist. reports Estada claims "Gibson exploded in anger, responding, 'Lady, F**k off.'

The Mayan delegation was allegedly escorted out of the room, and TMZ reports that Gibson allegedly retorted: "Make your own movie!"

Gibson's publicist, Howard Rubenstein, told TMZ, "He needs more anger management training. It's time to be cool."

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