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VP Dick Cheney's Achilles' heel, lesbian chat

By Stone Martindale Jan 25, 2007, 19:18 GMT

VP Dick Cheney's Achilles' heel, lesbian chat

Vice President Dick Cheney - if looks could kill-Blitzer would be dead... . REUTERS/Jim Young

Vice President Dick Cheney would prefer you not bring up any references of his pregnant daughter Mary, an out lesbian.  When asked directly by CNN's Wolf Blitzer what he thought of critical conservatives (Republican bread and butter) statements questioning her decision to have a child, he had a cow on the air.

Cheney had a real situation in Blitzer's "Situation Room" after host Blitzer congratulated the Vice President on the impending birth of his sixth grandchild, then segued right for the jugular, adding that there are some conservative groups who are critical of Mary's pregnancy.

Blitzer then read a statement from Focus on the Family, a social-conservative group that believes it's not best for a child to be raised by gay parents, like Mary Cheney and her partner of 15 years, Heather Poe.

"Mary Cheney's pregnancy raises the question of what's best for children. Just because it's possible to conceive a child outside of the relationship of a married mother and father, doesn't mean it's best for the child."  Cheney would not respond directly to the comment but did seem to seethe, reports  "I'm delighted -- I'm delighted I'm about to have a sixth grandchild, Wolf, and obviously think the world of both of my daughters and all of my grandchildren."

Before Blitzer could say a word, Cheney snipped, "And I think, frankly, you're out of line with that question."

Blitzer, stated he was sympathetic to Mary and her partner and tried defending himself by saying, "That was just a question that's come up and it's a responsible, fair question." But Cheney would have none of it and tight-lipped with eyes like daggers, said: "I just fundamentally disagree with your perspective."

The Cheneys have some history with journalist Blitzer. In October,  Lynne Cheney slammed a CNN series report, "Broken Government."

She complained on-air to Blitzer, saying the series "terrible distortions of the President's and vice president's positions on many issues."

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