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"Sophia Rossi" (born September 22, 1977 in Las Vegas, Nevada) is an American pornographic actress, model and dancer.


Rossi was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. She began her modeling career at the age of 15. By the time she was 18 she had expanded her modeling career by traveling to Japan and Hawaii. Shortly after, she modeled in Europe which she described as 'very romantic'.

Then she took some time off, moved from Los Angeles, California to Scottsdale, Arizona and had two children. In 2002 she returned to modeling in Las Vegas for Mainstream Modeling. She had by this point appeared in ad campaigns for Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort and Harley Davidson, and worked as stage dancer for Kid Rock.

She has two daughters who she says look exactly like her, by an ex-husband. Rossi has full custody of her children as 'her husband's insane and was molesting her children.' The divorce is believed to have happened around 2003.

By early-2005 she was dating one of Jenna Jameson's bodyguards who arranged a meeting between the two of them. She was then signed to Club Jenna in March 2005 and had her first scene with Jameson in the film "Sophia Syndrome".

She appeared in the October 2005 edition of "Penthouse" and was the 'Hustler Honey' in the December 2005 edition of "Hustler".

In 2006, it was reported that the Secret Service detail of former president Bill Clinton, who was golfing nearby, had interrupted a fireworks display of Rossi's then-five year old daughter Savanna.

In May 2007, she was released by Club Jenna after only five movies had been released to date.


"Sophia Syndrome" (2006, ClubJenna)

"Jenna's Provocateur" (2006, ClubJenna)

"Sophia Revealed" (2007, ClubJenna)

"Rossi's Revenge" (2007, ClubJenna)

"Sophia's Private lies, Volume 1" (2008 in film, ClubJenna)

"Sophia Royale" (2008, ClubJenna)

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