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Showtime cheat sheet for 2013 Summer/ Fall programming, overview
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The Trouble with Bliss – Movie Review
Michael C. Hall talks The Trouble With Bliss
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'Dexter' will see faith and mayhem collide in season 6, new trailer (VIDEO)
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Mos joins Colin Hanks on Showtime's 'Dexter'
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Dexter's back this Sunday, some thoughts
Jennifer Carpenter , Michael C. Hall attending the Primetime Emmy Awards pictures
'Dexter' trailer from Comic Con, plus bonus video
Comic Con July 22 Showtime Anti-Heroes Dexter, Californication, Weeds and Jackie, videos
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SAG Award winner list for 2010
Gamer – DVD Review
'Dexter' slays the Best Male TV category at the Globes
Dexter's Michael C. Hall fights Hodgkin’s lymphoma
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Golden Globe smallscreen list for the 65th Awards

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