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Golden Globes Press Room Pictures
New stills from 'Foxcatcher' starring Channing Tatum added!
Now You See Me actors show their magic
2013 Riverkeeper's Fishermen's Ball Pictures
Julia Roberts and Mark Ruffalo star in HBO Films' The Normal Heart
Mark Ruffalo, Rachel Maddow, Nick Gillespie, Kirk Doug;las on 'Real Time' Friday night
Five new TV spots for Marvel's 'The Avengers' hit
More than 70 high resolution stills from 'The Avengers' movie trailer
Thorkin Hulk man! The new full trailer for 'The Avengers' is here
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Preview of the Super Bowl trailer for Marvel's 'The Avengers'
'Now You See Me' gets 2013 release date
Feast eyes on the first trailer for Marvel's 'The Avengers'
Pink likes 'Sharing'
Harrelson boards 'Now You See Me'
Josh Gad gives 'Thanks for Sharing'
Isla Fisher close to 'Now You See Me'
Gwyneth Paltrow joins 'Thanks for Sharing'
Morgan Freeman boards 'Now You See Me'
Ruffalo, Seyfried board 'Now You See Me'
Tim Robbins and Mark Ruffalo believe in 'Sharing'
'Sopranos' actor joins Gandolfini and Pitt in 'Cogan's'
Brad Pitt looking for a 'Trade'
Win a prize pack from The Kids Are All Right!
The Kids Are All Right – Movie Review
Mark Ruffalo faked his religious salvation, On PBS' Tavis Smiley
Leonardo DiCaprio goes a little mental for Shutter island role
'Wild' is a winner at box office
Cast is set for ‘Kids’
The Brothers Bloom - M&C Talks to Adrien Brody, Rachel Weisz and Mark Ruffalo
What Doesn’t Kill You – Blu-ray Review
Zodiac - Blu-ray Review
Blindness – DVD Review
Ben Stiller to replace Mark Ruffalo in 'Greenburg'
Actor Mark Ruffalo's brother shot in the head
‘The Brothers Bloom’ arrives at the Toronto International Film Festival
Mark Ruffalo directing ‘Sympathy for Delicious’
DVD Review: Reservation Road
Michelle Williams joins Scorsese’ Shutter Island
Ben Kingsley joins Scorsese’s Shutter Island
Mark Ruffalo lands on Scorsese’s Shutter Island
DVD Review: Zodiac
Movie Review (2): Zodiac
Movie Review: Zodiac
Movie Review: All the Kings Men
Awake and Sing! closes today
Awake and Sing! extends
Reviews for Awake and Sing!
Awake and Sing! opens today
Mark Ruffalo joins Awake and Sing
Mark Ruffalo's Brass Walls
First stills from Just Like Heaven
Zodiac Killer Movie Gets a Cast
Mark Ruffalo for Truman Capote Biopic

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