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George Takei, Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes guest judges on TBS's King of The Nerds
AFI Fest 2012 Opening Night Gala World Premiere of 'Hitchcock' Pictures
Kevin Smith’s Spoilers' somber The Dark Night Rises coverage (VIDEO)
Kevin Smith 'Spoilers' Take On 'Magic Mike,' Welcome Special Guest Jon Favreau (VIDEO)
Kevin Smith is a babe, filmmaker sheds 65 lbs. of chub, reveals cheekbones
Richard Branson, Kevin Smith isn't pleased, Virgin blows it for Smith
Cop Out (Rock Out with your Glock Out Edition) – Blu-ray Review
Cop Out - Movie Review 2
Kevin Smith takes on Southwest Airlines for being too fat to fly
Kevin Smith's new film becomes a 'Cop Out'
Kevin Smith Box Set (Clerks | Chasing Amy | Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back) – Blu-ray Review
Zack and Miri Make a Porno – DVD Review
Traci Lords talks Kevin Smith, ‘Zack and Miri,’ and hints about ‘I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell’
Jeff Anderson talks Kevin Smith, ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno,’ and Deacon’s big scene
‘Quantum of Solace’ is Bond’s biggest payday
‘High School Musical 3: Senior Year’ stays at the top
Kevin Smith gets his R rating for ‘Zack and Miri Make a Porno’
Seth Rogen takes on Observe and Report after Kevin Smith’s ‘Porno’
Traci Lords and Craig Robinson join Kevin Smith’s ‘Porno’
DVD Review: Live Free or Die Hard - Unrated (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Seth Rogen signs on for Kevin Smith's 'Porno'
Win a copy of Live Free or Die Hard
Kevin Smith scares with Red State thumpers
Catch & Release comes to DVD and Blu-Ray in May
Soundtrack Review: ‘Catch and Release’
DVD Review: This Film is Not Yet Rated
DVD Review: Veronica Mars – The Complete Second Season
New York doll Rosario Dawson is a closet geek
Filmmaker Kevin Smith versus critic Joel Siegel, “It’s on”
DVD Review: Road House - Deluxe Edition
Smith and Dodson are back with Spider-Man/Black Cat: Evil That Men Do #4
Kevin Smith is off Fletch Won
Kevin Smith loves Jason Lee
Kevin Smith talks Star Wars TV Series.

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