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Julia Louis-Dreyfus talks Enough Said
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Former President, Secretary of State help James Gandolfini's family
Thoughts on James Gandolfini's Passing - The Talk (VIDEOS)
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Hollywood tweets tributes to James Gandolfini
James Gandolfini dies at 51
Violet and Daisy – Movie Review
Win a Not Fade Away Blu-ray and autographed vinyl soundtrack
David Chase talks Not Fade Away
'Zero Dark Thirty' Los Angeles Premiere Pictures
Killing Them Softly – Movie Review
'Cogan's Trade' gets September release date
'Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close' gets a release date
Ray Liotta all in for 'Cogan's Trade'
'Sopranos' actor joins Gandolfini and Pitt in 'Cogan's'
Richard Jenkins boards 'Cogan's Trade'
James Gandolfini brings HBO Documentary Films: Wartorn 1861 - 2010, preview
Bledel joins 'Violet and Daisy'
Ronan, Gandolfini ready for 'Violet and Daisy'
James Gandolfini fires up HBO deal, new project in works
Where the Wild Things Are - Blu-ray Review
In Pictures: '2009 New York Film Critics Circle Award'
The Taking of Pelham 123 – DVD Review
'Wild' is a winner at box office
Where the Wild Things Are - Movie Review
Loaded with bonus features The Taking of Pelham 123 storms to DVD and Blu-ray
In photos: 'God of Carnage Broadway Photocall'
F. Gary Gray directing Marvin Gaye biopic
Tony Soprano's charity clothes sale
James Gandolfini joins The Taking of Pelham 123
DVD Review: The Sopranos - Season 6, Part 2
The final nine episodes of The Sopranos come to DVD in time for holidays
James Gandolfini's new HBO role
DVD Review: Lonely Hearts
Sony brings Lonely Hearts thriller to DVD in July
James Gandolfini post 'The Sopranos'
Further Details on Travolta in Lonely Hearts
John Travolta and James Gandolfini Have Lonely Hearts
Hopkins, Clarkson and Gandolfini to Join All the Kings Men
James Gandolfini to Play Ernest Hemingway

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