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Alexander - Director's Cut Review

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25th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Press Room Pictures
25th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Pictures
Saving Mr. Banks Los Angeles Premiere Pictures
Gallery Of New Photos From 'Saving Mr. Banks'
Colin Farrell 'one of the lucky ones,' star talks sobriety
'Saving Mr Banks' World Premiere Pictures
Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson and Colin Farrell: 'Saving Mr Banks' London Photocall Pictures
Duncan Jones 'Warcraft' Movie is Coming December 2015!
Win Epic on Blu-ray!
Dead Man Down – Blu-ray Review
Colin Farrell delivers revenge in Dead Man Down
'Dead Man Down' World Premiere Pictures
2013 US-Ireland Alliance Pre-Academy Awards Gala Pictures
Seven Psychopaths - Blu-ray Review
Total Recall – Blu-ray Review
New trailer for Fox's animated fantasy adventure 'Epic'
Seven Psychopaths – Movie Review
Colin Farrell talks Seven Psychopaths
Colin Farrell, Dakota Meyer interviews from Leno (VIDEOS)
Seven Psychopaths Pictures
Total Recall UK Premiere Pictures
Total Recall Germany Premiere Pictures
Total Recall Los Angeles Premiere Pictures
Total Recall – Movie Review
Total Recall Los Angeles Photocall
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Pictures
Total Recall Pictures
Total Recall gets new Mind-Bending edition on Blu-ray
Colin Farrell and Terrence Howard Filming Dead Man Down Pictures
Sci-Fi Movies 2012: Ridley Scott's Prometheus, MIB3 & Hunger Games lead the sci-fi charge
Colin Farrell's Irish Hospital Christmas Surprise
Fright Night (2011) – Blu-ray Review - Fright Night Holiday Cards Added!
2011 American Giving Awards Pictures
Woody Harrelson boards 'Seven Psychopaths'
Fright Night brings some scares in time for Christmas
Colin Farrell and Noomi Rapace set for 'Dead Man Down'
Mickey Rourke likes 'Seven Psychopaths'
Horrible Bosses – Blu-ray Review
Fright Night – Movie Review
New full trailer for 'Fright Night' shows vampires still can kick ass!
Comic-Con International San Diego 2011 Day 2 Pictures
Horrible Bosses – Movie Review
First pictures from Horrible Bosses
2011 MuchMusic Video Awards Pictures
Bill Nighy in talks for 'Total Recall'
Joel Schumacher’s Tigerland comes to Blu-ray and M&C’s giving away three
Awesome new trailer for 'Fright Night' remake hits
Ethan Hawke boards 'Total Recall'
First pictures from Fright Night
Jessica Biel close to 'Total Recall'
Warner Bros. Digital Distribution celebrates the films of Oliver Stone
Cranston could have 'Total Recall'
Warlock Charlie Sheen 'at war' with CBS, full video from Today UPDATE
The Way Back – Movie Review 2
The Way Back – Movie Review
The Way Back London Premiere Pictures
The Way Back Madrid Photocall Pictures
Triage – DVD Review
Colin Farrell talks Triage
Mustafa books role in 'Bosses'
Bowen to be part of the 'Bosses'
Kevin Spacey to be one of the 'Bosses'
Imogen Poots ready for a good 'Fright Night'
Tennant and Mintz-Plasse take part in 'Fright Night'
Jason Sudeikis joins the 'Bosses'
Farrell, Cotillard set for new Cronenberg film
Colin Farrell, Toni Collette joining 'Fright Night'
Crazy Heart – DVD Review
Knightley and Farrell go down 'London Boulevard'
Pride and Glory – Blu-ray Review
Colin Farrell and Ed Harris in talks for Peter Weir’s ‘Way Back’
The New World - The Extended Cut – DVD Review
In photos: 'Pride and Glory New York City Premiere'
Daredevil - The Director's Cut – Blu-ray Review
Universal Studio’s Action Starter Pack (Miami Vice / End of Days / U-571) - Blu-ray Review
‘Pride and Glory’ gets a release date
Daredevil hits Blu-ray with a Director’s Cut edition
DVD Review: In Bruges
M&C takes a look at Oliver Stone
DVD Review: Cassandra’s Dream
Colin Farrell in Triage
National Treasure Book of Secrets: Part Two - Diana Kruger, Justin Bartha and Jon Voight
Colin Farrell opens up about his son
Colin Farrell's dresser settles with 'Miami Vice' producers
DVD Review: Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut
Alexander gets 45 more minutes with all new unrated version DVD
DVD Review: Miami Vice (Unrated Director's Cut)
Miami Vice comes to DVD in Unrated Director’s Edition
China slashes 'Vice'
Celebrity Fight Club 4: Don Johnson versus Colin Farrell
Tag along with Crockett and Tubbs then win prizes in the 'Miami Vice' give-a-way
Movie Review: Miami Vice
Colin Farrell gets “glib” with Matt Lauer
Colin Farrell gets emergency restraining order
Colin Farrell ambushed on live TV
Scarlett and Colin conquer the Vatican
Norton, Farrell, and Emmerich are New Line's Pride and Glory
Colin Farrell trying to keep sex tape private
Farrell Accuser Fails Lie Detector Test
A First Peek at The New World

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