Pearl Jam not the first band censored by AT&T

Following AT&T’s public apology to Pearl Jam, Lollapalooza organizers and fans, the company has issued another apology on Friday for editing other performers’ webscast.

The company has been in the news since it was revealed AT&T deleted portions of Pearl Jams performance in Chicago – where lead singer Eddie Vedder criticized President Bush.

Following a performance of “Daughter,” Vedder and company kicked into a cover of a Pink Floyd classic. Vedder sung the Bush lyrics as the crowd shouted “No more war!” and held up anti-war signs.

The first time Vedder criticized Bush (by saying “George Bush leave this world alone”) was broadcasted to users on AT&T’s Blue Room, but the other anti-Bush verses were edited out of the Blue Room performance.

Fans have claimed AT&T has a history of editing performers on AT&T’s Blue Room live webcasts. An AT&T spokeswoman has stated: “It’s not our intent to edit political comments in webcasts on the Unfortunately, it has happened in the past in a handful of cases. We have taken steps to ensure that it won’t happen again.”

The statement did not give any details about how the editing process would be changed or what performers have been edited in the past.

Following the edited broadcast, Pearl Jam issued a statement on its website saying: “AT&T’s actions strikes at the heart of the public’s concerns over the power that corporations have when it comes to determining what the public sees and hears through communications media.”

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