PBS AND WGBH’s ‘Moveable Feast With Fine Cooking’ Season 2 Fall 2014 Preview!

17th May 2014 by
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Time to savor the return of one of WGBH’s tastiest programs!

Catch the wave of culinary adventures on public television in Fall 2014 with an array of new guest chefs in 13 new episodes of ‘Moveable Feast With Fine Cooking’ Season 2!

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Join America’s best chefs on a memorable culinary adventure that travels all across America. Hosted by Pete Evans, Australia’s top celebrity chef, home cooks everywhere will catch the spirit of pop-up cooking events watching Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking.  Pete Evans is an award-winning Australian chef, restaurateur, cookbook author, and TV host. Born in Melbourne and raised on Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast, Pete is not your average chef – he’s also an avid fisherman, surfer, cookbook author and television personality.

In this second season, viewers will travel with Pete to New Orleans, Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago, and New York – all fantastic ports of call for food (although there are so many in the USA).

In each episode, the series follows Pete and his guest chefs as they source the finest ingredients for their feasts. Back in their makeshift kitchens they join forces and work against the clock to prepare a mouthwatering multi-course menu for an eager, eclectic group of friends.  Evans teams up with the country’s most inspiring chefs and food artisans. Together they cook up a spontaneous, fast-paced feast for friends in stunning and unexpected settings.


Produced by WGBH and Fine Cooking magazine, the popular, recently Emmy®-nominated food and travel series will kick off season two in fall 2014 with 13 engaging new episodes on public television.

“This season it’s all about harvesting and cooking locally. Host Pete Evans takes viewers along for great trips, from bow fishing for redfish after dark in Louisiana to harvesting California’s farm-fresh avocados — this season’s pop-up cooking events will serve up the best ingredients of each region,” says Laurie Donnelly, Executive Producer. “These new episodes successfully combine immensely talented guest chefs, ingredient-gathering adventures, and unexpected dining locations to bring viewers on the feasts of their lifetime.”

“We are delighted to bring back Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking for a fresh new season and entice viewers with fabulous recipes, fresh local ingredients, and inspiring chefs who share their expert tips and techniques on how to create the feasts,“ says Maria Taylor, Group Publisher of Fine Cooking. “The series really captures the creativity that’s sparked when our chefs and food artisans collaborate at these spontaneous celebrations.”

Expect to be delighted and surprised by the fabulous meals and the often unlikely places they are hosted. Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking takes viewers on a travel adventure criss-crossing the U.S.–from a Louisiana plantation down on the bayou to the midst of Los Angeles all the way out to an avocado farm in California to a camp on the Michigan lakes, and into the heart of Little Italy in New York City! Moveable Feast with Fine Cooking has put together quite a robust travel itinerary for you chock-full of field trips to vineyards, farms, orchards, fish markets, and an assortment of other food artisans.