Paz de la Huerta’s bleeding ‘Nurse 3D’ ad, plus court date postponed

Paz de la Huerta is known for her mouthy, naked, drunkard character Lucy Danzinger on HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire,”  

The stretch is not too far for the actress who dons a female merkin prosthetic to look realistic in her full-frontal nude shots as the slatternly moll on the Emmy award-nominated period drama.

Now Paz is cast in the film “Nurse 3D” to be directed by Douglas Aarniokoski, the film begins shooting this September in Toronto for a release next year.

HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” received 18 Emmy nominations today, the same day Nucky Thompson’s trollop was supposed to be in a New York court today to plead guilty for her March assault of The City’s Samantha Swetra.

TMZ reports that the judge wanted more information about Paz’s planned alcohol counseling that’s supposed to be part of the deal. Paz’s case was postponed until July 28.

Paz, age 26, was charged with third-degree assault and several misdemeanors after giving Swetra a bloody nose and injury in her leg during an altercation at the Standard Hotel in Manhattan that allegedly involved a dispute over a man.

De la Huerta told police that she was “a real actress,” while Swetra was “a publicity-seeker, a fake actress,” according to court documents.


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