Paul McCartney: Lock, Stock and Two Smoking barrels for Mills

Reports are coming from London that the former mop top McCartney, now “Sir” Paul, are detailing his soon to be ex wife Heather Mills scaling the walls of their London abode.

The Daily News reports allegedly her security guard did the deed at the London pad to let Mills inside after her key wouldn’t open the gate, with McCartney’s staff allegedly calling the Bobbies to the scene.

Mills was non-plussed.  “She was laughing about it, she said it was hilarious, it was just a complete mix-up,” said Mills’ spokesman Phil Hall.

Confirmed are reports that McCartney has frozen the couple’s joint bank account. London’s Daily Mail reported that he did so after Mills transferred $1 million from the account in the last month.

The Daily News reports that McCartney “even sent a legal letter to his estranged wife complaining about her taking three bottles of cleaning liquid from his home.”

Mills disclosed yesterday she has hired attorney Anthony Julius, who represented Princess Diana in her split with Prince Charles. McCartney has already hired Prince Charles’ lawyer, Fiona Shackleton. According to the Daily News.

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