Paul McCartney files for divorce; Mills’ gloves come off

Paul McCartney has officially filed for divorce from Heather Mills McCartney, according to British news reports.

McCartney is said to be citing “unreasonable behavior” but Mills isn’t lying down and taking it, she is vowing to fight the case in both Britain and America.

People magazine reports: “Heather’s going to be filing her own counterclaims about matters both in this country and America,” according to her U.K. rep.

There is no pre-nuptial agreement, and what is at stake is the 64-year-old musician’s fortune, estimated to top $1.5 billion, along with the custody of their 2-year-old daughter.

The Daily Mirror reported that a McCartney insider told the paper that the couple split last May because of Mills’ “unreasonable behavior” which included being “rude to the staff” and “argumentative”.

“Any view she has on her divorce will be handled discreetly. She does not feel the need to repudiate claims that she may be headstrong or feisty,” the rep for Mills told People magazine.
“We have no way of knowing if he filed for divorce.”
In Britain, once documents are filed, the quickest a marriage can be dissolved is six weeks. But Mills has no intentions of this occurring, by the fact she will be fighting for her claim of his fortune on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

“But now with Heather announcing she is prepared to fight, things are just going to get uglier.” Stated an unnamed McCartney insider to People magazine.

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