Patricia Arquette stunned by producers request to lose weight

Beautiful Patricia Arquette, star of the hit series Medium, was taken aback when she was asked to lose her baby weight for her role as psychic detective Allison Dubois in TV series, because the character is a mother of three.

That was Arquette’s argument with the show producers that DuBois, her character, would not be a rail thin woman.

The Stigmata star and sister of David and Rosanna Arquette, refused to diet for the motherly role, insisting, “When I started Medium I’d gained a stone and a half from having my daughter Harlow. The producer said, ‘Honey, you’ve got to lose some weight.’ I felt like saying, ‘I don’t want to do this job then,’ because, to be honest with you, I’m trying to make little changes in the world. If it made any sense for this part – if this part was a supermodel or anorexic – then okay. But DuBois is a mother of three in a long-term marriage. It doesn’t make sense.”

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