Paris Hilton stalked by knife wielding cuckoo crazy fan

Heiress Paris Hilton has increased her visible security force after a delusional stalker pretending to be her fiancé arrived at her father’s office armed with a knife.

The burgeoning dance music diva made the executive decision that her personal safety had to take precedence after the insane man, who police arrested, showed up at her dad Rick Hilton’s office.

Describing how she handles the unwanted attention, the never shy Hilton replied, “I’ve had a lot of stalker incidents, and I usually can handle them.

“But the scariest one was when a guy turned up at my dad’s office and said he was my fiancé. He forced his way inside and the cops discovered he had a knife on him. That was freaky.  And not hot either.

“Now I have a lot of security all the time so I feel safe. I guess that’s one of the things you have to learn to live with, but it’s still scary.”

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