Panzer Warfare on the Eastern Front – Book Review

Hans Schaufler writes from experience – he was a tank veteran. He has compiled this book from his own memories and that of others participating in that attempt to defeat the Soviet Union between June1941 and May 1945.It provides a first-hand account of armored combat from the viewpoint of soldiers in the Panzer divisions. 

Each veteran tells his own story bringing the period vividly to life as they attempted to crush the Soviet forces and cope with the bitter weather conditions on such a massive front.  The book shows just what it was like to fight in a panzer tank, how they lived and died in a war in which entire crews could be wiped out in minutes. 

There was never any rest from the threat of battle – enemy tanks could lurk behind any group of trees.  There are also tales of sheer humanity such as Soviet soldiers who took pity on them and refused to fire, or Russian peasants giving them food.  It makes sobering reading.