Pamela Anderson’s Le Crazy Horse striptease

Pamela Anderson had a special Valentine’s Day treat Thursday — herself in a sheer black body stocking on the back of a motorcycle onstage in Paris.

Pam’s debut at Paris’ legendary Le Crazy Horse saloon, the burlesque club known for it’s revealing dance numbers and theatrical shows, was the sold-out event.

“She was great,” a fan from the Le Crazy Horse audience told People “She was totally into it – it was impressive. And the crowd responded very warmly.”

In a nod to a 1950’s vamp Brigitte Bardot, Pam performed a racy dance routine to Bardot’s iconic “Harley Davidson.” Bardot, who is also a passionate animal rights activist like Pam, reportedly called the former “Baywatch” babe to wish her well on her debut.

Earlier on Thursday while speaking at a PETA conference, Pam admitted the show was taking its toll on her body, saying she was “a little bruised up from practicing on that motorcycle” but was eager to perform. “It’ll be fun,” she added.

Though Le Crazy Horse saloon is known for it’s topless performances, Pam praised the show’s virtues, saying, “It’s a celebration of women.”

“It’s done very respectfully, very classy, and it’s a wonderful show for women as well as for men,” Pam added.

Pam believes in the show so much, she didn’t even asked to get paid for it.

“This isn’t for money,” Pam told People. “It’s just for the love of the art, and the Crazy Horse does it best.”

The 500-seat theater tickets started at $300 dollars per person

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