Pamela Anderson claims Salomon marriage never happened

Last night an uncomfortable and skittish Pamela Anderson appeared on CNN’s Larry King Live to talk about a variety of subjects.

It was her claim that the marriage with Paris Hilton porn tape participant Rick Salomon that rasied eyebrows. Pam claimed the union “never happened”.

Pam married Salomon in October last year but they separated two months later.

Two months later, she applied for the marriage to be annulled, claiming ‘fraud’ as the reason for the split on the claim form.

Salomon also submitted legal papers with the same allegation.

PETA supporting Pam would like te ill-advised union to never be mentioned again. “Oh jeez… It never happened… It was an – well, it was an annulment so…”
King then countered, “An annulment means it never happened”, to which the tired lookingn ex bombshell replied: “Yes. It never happened.”

Anderson was previously married to rockers Tommy Lee, with whom she has two sons, and Kid Rock, who she divorced after less than six months. 

Pam had kind words for Kid Rock, and made mention that Tommy Lee was “the love of her life.”

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