Painting Watercolours Trees the Easy Way – Book Review

Magnificent objects in their own right; trees help to provide perspective within a landscape. Getting them right can make all the difference to a painting. In this book Terry sets out to show just how trees can be painted and used effectively within a landscape. A variety of techniques are demonstrated such as painting trunks and foliage.

There are some interesting hints too – use kitchen paper with masking fluid to dab on trees to give the impression of snow!   He then goes on to show how some of the most popular trees can be painted such as an apple tree in blossom, horse chestnut, weeping willow, silver birch and an oak tree. 

The subject of setting trees within a landscape or season is also covered, with many practical ideas on how to use them and how to achieve the best effect. 

All in all, this is a very useful, practical book which justly deserves a place on any artist’s bookshelf to be referred to time and time again.