Painting Watercolour Landscapes the Easy Way – Book Review

Watercolor painting looks easy until you try it.  Terry Harrison has set out to actually make it easy, giving simple easy to understand instructions which even the most novice artist can follow. 

The step by step instructions virtually guarantee that you will achieve a pleasurable result.  One of the most interesting parts of the book is the way in which Terry looks at the different type of brushes and how they can be used from fan gogh to swords, foliage to golden leaf brushes. 

Instead of being an arcane science, watercolor painting becomes accessible to everyone.  He has created a lot of demonstration pieces showing the various brushes and paint techniques in action. 

All kinds of scenes are created including bluebell woods, snowy scenes, forests, country cottages and seascapes.  The level of detail is such that he even highlights the exact mix of paints which will give that elusive ‘bluebell’ shade. 

Whether you are a novice or a skilled painter, this book offers something to learn.