P. Diddy is a piece of work

P. Diddy spoke to Extra about his new fragrance, I am King.

Yes, I Am King is the actual name of some men’s stinkum.

Whether you call him Sean John, Sean Puff Daddy Combs, P. Diddy or Puff Daddy, it all smells the same.

P. Diddy has been linked to numerous A-list stars, but what is his secret to snagging the beautiful women? You’ve been dying to know this.

He reveals his favorite pickup line saying, “The thing that works for me is, ‘What’s your name?’” He laughs, “I’m sorry! That’s all I need to say!”

With Barack Obama’s inauguration coming up next month, P. Diddy is ready to head to Washington, D.C. “I really just want to see the historical moment. Man, I want to see him raise his hand in the air and get sworn in. I really want to see that,” he said.

“Extra’s” interview with P. Diddy airs tonight.

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