Ozzy Osbourne – ‘Scream’ – Album Review

Metal master Ozzy Osbourne’s new studio album ‘Scream’ demonstrates why he is an icon in rock and features the singer’s signature blend of haunting lyrics, blistering guitar riffs, and his own unique voice.

‘Scream’ was recorded in Osbourne’s Los Angeles home studio and produced by Ozzy and Kevin Churko. Osbourne also co-write all the album’s tracks primarily with Churko.It also features Ozzy’s new guitar player Gus G.

Osbourne may be getting up there in years, but the album shows he can hang with any of the new faces in metal and has no signs of slowing down. The album is a mixture of heavy rock songs and slower paced quasi-ballads.

Osbourne seems reflective through much of the album telling his fans to stop dreaming about life and get out there and live it. He also peppers the album with his “take no prisoners” style of rock anthems (“Let Me Hear Your Scream” makes you want to raise your fist to the air as the chorus plays) and his rock rebel reputation on tracks like “Soul Sucker” and “Latimer’s Mercy.”

The album ends with a quiet message to his fans in the song “I Love You All.” The short track seems to demonstrate how Osbourne cherishes his fans and what they have meant to him throughout his career.

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