Owen Wilson back on with Kate Hudson

“Butterscotch Stallion” and ladies man Owen Wilson has been fueling the fire once again in his romance with Kate Hudson, back this week in Australia, according to a close unnamed source who revealed the news to the New York Daily News.

Hudson is filming “Fool’s Gold” with Matthew McConaughey in the state of Queensland in Australia.

After a rough patch, Hudson and Wilson are back on.  “Owen backed out [of Christmas and New Year] because he didn’t want to deal with the whole situation with her family,” the unnamed friend tells Daily Dish.

“There’s [estranged husband Chris Robinson] and the baby, and also Goldie [Hawn] and Kurt [Russell] don’t approve of the relationship.”

According to Australian sources who checked in with the Dish:  “Kate had a very close, friendly relationship with the paparazzi on set, but she changed her tune earlier this week. There was a five-day period when she requested no photographers. [Her people] even threatened to get the police on them if they didn’t leave her alone.”


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