Osama – Book Review

A fantasy book with a difference.  Forget concerns about global terrorism and try to imagine a world in which a private detective has the task of locating author of a fictional vigilante known as Osama Bin Laden.  Just who is he? Where does he live? Why does he want to remain anonymous?

And who is the woman who has commissioned this investigation.  In this alternate world, Joe hunts for clues worldwide including among the ghostly world of the Refugees. 

His investigation soon starts entwining with the mysterious ghosts and the message they are trying to pass to him.  It is an unusual story, which can be quite hard to get into at first but it is worth persisting.  Two stories are colliding and it can be confusing to the reader.  It would have helped if the copy had been divided into more paragraphs. Some sections are a page or more long. 

Overall an interesting book, which will appeal to anyone who likes urban fantasy  and urban mysteries without magic, sword and sorcery.  At times, a bit gritty and very realistic in a world which is not too far from our own.